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We are website designers in Lewes

But wherever you are, we can make you a new website
If you'd like we will...

Write the copy
Simplify, clarify and communicate the message
Handle the SEO
Plan the shoot and take the photographs 
Create the graphics

You can get on with running your business


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Photography - Why Bother?


Red admiral in a wood.jpg

At least 60% of us are visual learners

But ALL of us have a subliminal part of the brain which processes images faster than written information and which bypasses our intellect, going straight for our emotions, our subconscious desires

And it's a shame to spoil a well-designed website with average photographs or library shots when beautiful, original photography can make a site gleam with professionalism and quality and authenticity and joy

We take lovely photographs

100Designs can also create leaflets and brochures which will reflect your website and enforce your brand


Our Photography


It's not just about the equipment and number of pixels. It's about the understanding of light and how beautiful light makes us feel

It's obvious. We tend to feel happier and more optimistic on days that are long and full of sunlight. This is true of websites. Gorgeous light on a website makes people feel good and that's how you want them to feel when they visit yours

It sounds pretentious but it's only being sensible - I won't photograph unless the light is right. It makes all the difference in the world


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