Summing it all up in a photo - Lomax and Skinner, Milliners

Lomax and Skinner (makers of exquisite hats) were at Pelham House's wedding event in Lewes today. Their hats are as delicate and as romantic as wild flowers but Sarah and Rachel are practical, down to earth and funny, a fabulously matched team who enjoy each other.  This photograph tells both parts of this story

F8, 17mm, one twentieth of a second, ISO 1250

F8, 17mm, one twentieth of a second, ISO 1250

The natural light brings out the subtle shapes and textures in the hats but the wide angle aspect gives energy and drama to what might have been simply a pretty, but fairly static, display shot
(see right)

I think people are always curious to see what artists look like so shots like the one above make a connection between the work and the person. It's satisfying



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