Simple SEO Tip of the Day - As you Give so shall you Receive

SEO tip of The Day - Generosity

Marketing is now all about The User. How do they feel, what do they want?  What do they lack?

This is good because there was rarely any tricky situation in life that wasn’t made better when either or both participants involved in it, stopped and thought about what the other was feeling.

This generosity feeds into all aspects of getting your message out there and good Search Engine Optimisation includes making a site as useful as possible to its visitors.

What you give

Giving away some of your tools

Giving away some of your tools

  • The time it takes to think about how people might benefit from visiting your site, and the very hard work that involves.

  • The time it takes to create content that goes beyond the superficial, the repetitious and the obvious. That surprises, re-interprets, explains,  informs and entertains.

  • The treasure you’ve accumulated over the years.  Your shortcuts, your learned skills, your tricks and your painfully acquired experience.

What you will Receive

Crumpled Nero Loyalty Card
Generosity bears fruit

Generosity bears fruit

  • Your business becomes deeper, richer and stronger, as you find ways to represent the quality of it on your website.

  • You start to make relationships with those who benefit from what you've done, they begin to trust you, and they become engaged with you and with your brand. That builds loyalty.  Without the need for a card.

  • A reputation for integrity, based on quality and reliability of information, and the kind of stature that only belongs to people who are confident enough to give something of themselves away.

And it will come back.  For every Top Tip, FAQs, helpful video, social media favourite, retweet, enthusiastic comment, positive sharing and celebrating of others you will receive the same.  Over time.

Very few good things were built in a day but it is worth remembering that even if you have very little time you can change the way you think about your site and that will inform what you do.

And that thought should be ...

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