About Katie Vandyck

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Making websites. Making the best of things

If I've got a mission it is to extract what's good from everything

By good I mean valuable, real, strong, calm, clear, authentic and lovely

All of that can be achieved in your website

Building a website should be part of the process of defining your business in the most positive way possible, in a way that people who visit your site will instantly get, and like, and want to know more about.

Let's make an excellent website for you

Photo: Marisa Guthrie at Business Coaching Sussex

Photo: Marisa Guthrie at Business Coaching Sussex


A bit more about me

I like things to be straightforward and clear
Turning anything into its most beautiful version is something that I need to do
Fine writers are are crucially important to human understanding of the world and should be celebrated
Beauty is balance and harmony wherever you find that, in art, in nature, everywhere
Thoughtfulness is my most natural and happiest state
I pay close attention to people