What's interesting and useful about Glamour?

If I had to use one sentence to describe what makes me do what I do, it would be, "Making the best of things"

Bear with me, I'll get to the Glamour part (very) shortly.

I don't mean making the best in a downtrodden, martyrish way, I mean that most things have something good about them and being the person I am, I'd rather see that bit, than the other, less good, bits. I'm not a naturally cheery person, I'm not Pollyanna Vandyck, so over the years I've tried to train myself to make the most of whatever it is I have, it's more comfortable than being not a naturally cheery person.

A website maker with an unconscious drive to make everything lovely is a useful thing. My default position is that YOU ARE GOOD.  The job is to give evidence of that through images, graphics, content, colour and the rest. Doing that pleases me very much because it satisfies the thing that makes me who I am.

The other job is to do that authentically, which as I person who is constitutionally unable to tell an untruth, is also something I would rather be doing.

So, how is Glamour relevant to you?

Glamour is an old Scottish word for Magic.

All it is means in this context, is the ineffable thing that thrills us about something. 

Identify that about yourself and what you do, and you're away. That's your message.

And that's why I've made the Real Glamour Blog

The Real Glamour Blog is about women who are enjoying their selves, as well as themselves, through the clothes they wear. They are self-celebrating. I really like this and I want to celebrate them back.