Daylight and on-camera flash - Lighting Laportes Produce Shop


Bright sunlight streaming through the large shop windows made the contrast between the front and the back of the shop too great.  The shop looked gloomy, the fruit and vegetables dark, unappetising

The combination of a fifth of a second shutter speed to give us front to back focus (and allow the sunlight to do MOST of the work) and the on-camera flash (just enough to lift the shadows), makes this shot colourful but still natural looking.  As a produce shop should be

Tripod, 1/5 second at 200 ISO, F 16

Tripod, 1/5 second at 200 ISO, F 16

Laportes, 4 Lansdown Place, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 2JT, 01273 478817
8.30-5.30 Mon-Friday, Sat 8.30-5pm