Combining graphics and photographs - again, simple is beautiful

This extraordinary piece of work by Irene Shkarovska is a beautiful example of how to resolve the tricky combination of text and photography. The text is subtly different on each photograph but the style consistent and harmonious. The colours of the text are perfectly chosen to complement, but stand out from, the background photograph. 

Because the text is different on each image, with each image we re-engage with the words and with that re-engagement our relationship with the brand deepens. The slight shock of new pleasure that each image creates is enhanced by the very subtle introduction and limited use of colour throughout the design.

Of course the photographs are stunning and the concept is so simple yet the skill in producing this perfect piece of design is immeasurable.

Minus Minus Plus by Irene Shkarovska on Behance

Hi, Katie! Thanks for your post! The only detail, I'd like to mention, that all photo materials have been used only as an example previewing (non-commercial usage) of visual content for client and all rights belong to their respective owners. So I'm only the author of branding and visual style of website. Regards, Irene