Murderous Photos made simple - using Photoshop Elements

Am making a site to advertise Murder Mysteries - The Reading of The Will (Lord Felthorpe drowns in his bath)

Here's what I did.

Borrowed an arm and wet it.  Placed the body next to a window.  Natural light always good.
Made and printed out a Will
Opened up the image in Photoshop Raw

Set Clarity and Contrast to 100
Set Saturation to - 62

How to make spook photographs by 100Designs

Made a New Layer

How to make a Spooky Photo by 100Designs

Filled the Layer with Black then selected the Eraser

How make a spooky photo by 100Designs
How make a spooky photo by 100Designs

Used the Eraser to reveal the layer beneath

How to make murderous photos by 100Designs

A little more Clarity and blood stains using a variety of brushes and different reds.

How to make a murderous photo by 100Designs

And some text.  

Took about ten minutes.