The importance of light in a website photograph

It's something that needs emphasising, so I will keep going on and on about it. The QUALITY of light in a photograph will express so much more than most of us could ever achieve in words.

This photograph is at the top of Marisa Guthrie's Business Coaching Sussex site. She's talking to a client. We could have taken this shot anywhere in any kind of light.  I chose to record their conversation in front of a window with autumn sunlight pouring in behind them. A halo of light surrounds them.

Marisa Guthrie and client Business Coaching Sussex Website

The quality of the light, it's brightness, the inherent glow it gives both women speaks of optimism, health, hope and vitality.  These are the messages being received by the viewer of the photograph without the use of any words at all.  It's a subliminal message and all the more powerful for that.