Getting the idea with Lighting - Lomax and Skinner

If there's one thing I'm trying to say and trying to show with these blogs it is that photography is about lighting.  Few would disagree, but what does that actually mean?

Sarah Lomax...

"I once listened to a photographer (Katie Vandyck) talking about how photography was all about reading light and I just didn’t really get it. I knew when I liked a good image but I didn’t know why. 

It wasn’t until I wanted to start sharing ’snaps’ on social media, with some disastrous results, that I fully understood that so much about a good photograph is in the lighting.

I’m nowhere near being fluent in reading light but understanding what I’m trying to do has given me some results I’m not tooooo ashamed of …"

Rachel Skinner on photoshoot for Lomax and Skinner

Rachel Skinner on photoshoot for Lomax and Skinner

Lomax and Skinner hat photographed by Katie Vandyck

And because images tell a story so much faster than words can, Sarah's photography before ...

... and after she started to get it.

Details in highlights AND shadows, very nice work.

Sarah used an anglepoise lamp, moved around till the lighting direction and intensity was how she liked it.  She'll start to work with reflectors next and soften those harsh shadow.

Thank you Sarah Lomax.  Will be showing more of her work as her journey continues.  See the work of Lomax and Skinner here.