SEO for technophobes-A tip a day for five days - Relevance.

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I've picked up what I know about Search Engine Optimisation from those on the web who have generously shared their knowledge. What they do all agree on is that the criteria for good SEO changes all the time but that some principles have held true from the beginning


Google likes relevance in a website.  Relevance means that your website provides a genuinely useful service and that service reflects those search terms you’ve put in your website to attract the customers you want.

Let's say you make luxury chocolate cakes.

This beautiful cake, and others like it, can be found at Laportes Cafe, 4 Lansdown Place, Lewes

This beautiful cake, and others like it, can be found at Laportes Cafe, 4 Lansdown Place, Lewes

Start the site off telling people instantly and clearly that you make luxury chocolate cakes.

"I Make Luxury Chocolate Cakes"

That's the first thing people should see and once they see it they'll know they're in the right place. You have shown that your business is relevant to their specific needs.  They want a luxury chocolate cake, your opening statement is "I make luxury chocolate cakes". Perfect fit. Relevant.

Be Clear

Don't repeat yourself, don't put anything in that won't enhance the information-gathering process your visitor wants from your site.  Only put in relevant information. That is information that exactly pertains to what your customer has asked Google to provide when they put "Luxury chocolate cakes" into their search box.

So, show that your site is relevant their needs.

Tomorrow's tip will be on SEO and Trust.

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With thanks to all those who give out information on SEO, most particularly Sussex SEO whose tweets are beautifully constructed, relevant and always interesting @seosussex. I recommend you follow them.