Try something different - getting away from the chiropody cliché

Fitness for Feet is run by Helen O'Rourke who is friendly and bubbly and good at her job.  She needed an A5 leaflet to let people know about her podiatry practice.

She didn't want something formulaic, over-medical or some photo-library standard of a row of perfect feet. These feet are elegant but flawed, shot using window light with a wooden floor to add to the quality of naturalness.

Images of perfect feet can make it harder for people to present their own imperfect ones.

Staying away from the standard therapy hues of green and blue means that people may look twice at this leaflet.  It's not quite what you'd expect from a podiatry practice and for that reason it's more engaging, and more likely to be kept.


Coming soon,the Fitness for Feet website by 100Designs