Photographing woodland

Dreamy photographs - set your shutter to plus 160/sec and your aperture to F4

I'm sticking with 1/160 of a second (or faster) whenever I go out photographing in Lewes Railway Land.  Today I added another aspect, I shot everything at F4.

Of course I had to be careful, with F4 at 125-200mm it's very easy to get the wrong thing in focus but when it works, it's beautiful.

A downy bee, teazles that stand out like razors against the dark of the wood and a butterfly in the midst of swathes of deep, rich colour. Nothing added, or taken away, in Photoshop.

Worth a try.

160/Sec - Super Shutter Speed

My Lewes Railwayland Project comes into its six month and aside from Experiencing Nature and lots of Mindfulness, and some very pleasing photographs, the biggest gift has been learning the beauty and usefulness of 160/second shutter speed.

I tend to use my Nikon 80-200mm lens when going about photographing nature because I love sharpness against blur.  But it's heavy and so many of my shots have been spoiled by shake.  One day I decided to set the camera to shutter priority (160/sec).  I haven't had a blur since.  I only photograph Nature in good light so it hardly ever fails me as a way of making consistently lovely shots.

It's only taken me thirty years to learn this.  When you've got your big lens, set the shutter priority to 160/sec and keep it there.  Better late than never.