100Designs and beauty

Beautiful Hats: Which is best, with or without the model?

These exquisite hats are the work of millinery magicians, Sarah Lomax and Rachel Skinner.

The first things we notice in the model shot are Lucie's eyes, sultry and mysterious.  Then we see her hat, curious, elegant, surprising.  It is rich viewing.

In the non-model shot the hat is everything, no distractions: all elegance and delicacy and unspeakable chic. 

or without?

However, the second shot lacks emotion.  When we see a human face we have a need to  understand it, categorise it and bolt it down.  We need to know what is going on with that person.  What are they feeling?  It's a primal impulse.

All photography by Katie Vandyck at 100Designs





With model ...

So we engage with the beautiful Lucie and her extraordinary hat and that image is the one that stays with us.



Thinking about Beauty

Why is Beauty so compelling?

As designers we think about beauty every day and every day we
try to make our work as beautiful as possible.  But why is beauty
so important?

Here's an excerpt from Beauty and the Beast (of Advertising)
by Barry Vacker of Southern Methodist University

For the normal adult, ideals arise as the
end product of numerous choices made
over time in answer to the question of
what is best for one’s life. Choices are
potentialities and they are real. If one
seeks to further one’s life, one chooses
the best among the available potentialities
known to one in a given context. From
having to choose throughout one’s life
the best among the potentialities, one
develops a conception of the best or
the ‘ideal’ potentiality for one’s life which
serves as a standard for choosing what is
best to actualize in living one’s life.
— Beauty and the Beast (of Advertising)