Combinggraphics and photography

Photography and Graphic Design - Making Information Leaflets

Here's another example of how photographs and text can join hands to communicate mood and information, speedily simply and beautifully.

1. I photographed the River Ouse.

2. I reversed the photograph to accommodate the text on the right- hand side of the fact sheet.

3. I cropped the photo so that the light ripple will be nice and big in the frame.

4. I used Hue/Saturation in Photoshop to make a vibrant, healthy aqua colour.

5. I added text and a contrasting colour banner.

The water suggests movement, freshness and light, helpful in a health fact sheet.

As always, the photograph does much of the job in setting the mood for the fact sheet, and the text provides the information.



Beautiful Information Sheet on Colonics by 100Designs