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Noise and Websites

Sound files indicating noise and quiet

Unwanted noise creates stress in human beings.  Having given ourselves easy and constant access to digital entertainment via our mobiles, tablets and pcs, it’s possible to be surrounded by almost constant noise, not just aural but visual too

Turn down the noise on your website and people will like that

It is not surprising that so many young people suffer from anxiety when so much of their time is spent in an easily accessible virtual world that allows for no rest periods and is the metaphorical equivalent of being poked repeatedly by a stick into a never ending state of alertness.

This is not conducive to calm or wellbeing. The adrenal glands get no rest, mental and physical exhaustion follow.

People do enjoy noise when they choose it, dance music, the sound of drumming, twenty five electric guitars playing at the same time, the opening mass timestep in 42nd Street. It is exciting, exhilarating and can turn a day around, whipping up flagging energy and improving mood.

However beneficial the positive effects of noise can be, if we can’t get away from unwanted noise, we close down. We turn off our receptors in order to protect ourselves from the discomfort a barrage of sound can create. This is as true of visual as it is of aural noise

Effective communicaton is most likely to exist in a state of calm. Good writers know this and spend a great deal of time throwing out the clutter that gets in the way of communication. Experienced writers does not allow extraneous noise.

Noise creates distraction, quiet opens up understanding

As your means of communicating with the world, your website needs to give your visitor space for reflection and thoughtfulness. No one wants to be shouted at, or hurried along or confused by too many signals.

This means that nothing should be there that does not absolutely need to be

Simplicity makes for clarity and that brings about the peace of knowing exactly where you and the feeling of safety that comes from that. Or not...

For those interested in these things, the Noise soundwave is from London Calling by The Clash, the Quiet graphic is a babbling brook, by Mother Nature.

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