Making leather bags look beautiful

Rendering Beauty - Lewesian Leathers Bags

Lewesian Leathers wondered if we could make their bags looks as beautiful in photos as they do in real life 

Rendering beauty starts with seeing beauty, knowing exactly what that beauty is.  The richness of these beautiful bags (made by Lewesian Leathers) is in the quality of the leather, it's subtle shades, it's suppleness and texture, it's lustre and gleam.  To capture all this in a photo needed lighting that was both discreet and dramatic, reflected not direct, but still intense.  

The bags look as they would feel to hold and to wear and achieving that is essential when asking people to buy online. 

The sweep of the neutral coloured draperies suggests something classical, and that these bags are works of art.

Which of course they are.


All photography by Katie Vandyck at 100Designs