Photographing silver jewellery

Simple is lovely - don't mess with the product Photographing silver jewellery

Apologies for this post not being about natural light photography but these shots do provide a useful illustration of the beauty of simplicity. One again I'm delighted to show the simply stunning work of Jules Asch at The Silvery in Lewes, natural objects, plated in silver.

If you have a beautiful product let it do the work for you.  These are colour photographs but the range of colour tones is limited. There are no distractions from the designs that Nature made.

And now some boasting ...

.these are absolutely jaw-droppingly incredible – yet again!!! You are amazing, talented, skilful beyond compare – as usual you make my work look amazing and completely professional and knowing as I do how hard it is to get even a half-way reasonable shot of my work I just can’t begin to imagine how you achieve what you do!!!
— Jules Asch, The Silvery

How to Photograph Jewellery - Spring Sunshine and a Plastic Box

Now is the time to shoot jewellery outside  

Direct, bright sunshine is too bright, too harsh.   Highlights are burnt out, detail is lost.

Photographing in the shadows means the light is too flat, there is not enough contrast