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Throwing SEO out of the window Sometimes. Topsy Jewell's Pottery website

In between posts on how you can improve your SEO it's nice to mess things up a bit and show how breaking the "rules" is not always a bad thing.

Topsy Jewell's latest work

Topsy Jewell's latest work

I made Topsy Jewell's website last year and have just done a little refreshing on it.  New photographs and a few copy changes.

Topsy's site does not have very much content and it doesn't have a Blog.  Google likes content, and Blogs.  We all know Content is King.

When you google Hand made pottery in Lewes, Topsy's site comes up on the first page.

I like to think that in amongst the mysterious rules of SEO there is something about rewarding sites that make it easy for people, really, really easy.

Beautiful photographs of her beautiful work. How to get hold of her. To me that's nearly perfect, and it seems to work fine.