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Simple SEO Tip of the Day - Problems are Presents

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The phrase Problems are Presents was coined by Vera Peiffer of the Peiffer Foundation for Positive Thinking. This is how is relates to SEO

The problem with do-it-yourself SEO (as opposed to the paid variety) is that whatever else it is, it is HARD WORK. Website content needs to be original, helpful, ever-changing, engaging and authentic. Thinking about this and finding time to do this is extremely hard work.

But there's another way of looking at it. The problems that SEO engagement presents us with, if resolved, will make your business superb. If you are genuinely solving your customers problems, if you really do make your site visitors lives' more interesting, more fun, calmer, less stressed, easier to manage, a little bit better, yours will be a truly valuable business and that value is chargeable for.  

That value also appears to be favoured by Google when it comes to site ranking.

Example 1 - A problem identified, a problem solved (one of our websites)

Murder Mystery Games (current site in development) will be a site that offers downloadable Murder Mystery Games. That in itself solves a problem.  How to entertain a large group of people with guaranteed fun. It goes further, it offers a Costume Guide which includes costume tips and images representing fashion since 1840.

It's fun looking at these photos, it's also informative, interesting and a useful resource for when people are getting themselves equipped for a Murder Mystery Games event.

At the end of the Guide there will be series of links to places where costumes can be hired or bought or found. Another problem solved.

Example 2 - A problem identified, a problem solved with Asapoth (not one of our websites)

Asapoth - makers of natural creams and distilled waters from flowers and plants. 

Photograph by 100Designs

Photograph by 100Designs

The obvious problems solved here are the need to cheer oneself up when more extravagant forms of retail therapy are out of reach, the need not to use chemicals on our bodies and the need to self-reward.  And to be happy for a bit.

But this site goes further because its ethos is about connection with nature and the therapeutic benefit of that.  Amanda Saurin has recently announced that she will be collaborating with other makers with a similar ethos and will showcase their work on her site.

The Asapoth site will be even more useful and resource-rich as it becomes a hub for those who want to make, and those who want to buy, natural products, locally sourced, of the highest possible quality.

Asapoth's site is a great example of good SEO although in this case my feeling is that this practice arises from a very sound, very committed business ethos.  

But that's the point.  The two go hand in hand.

Happy New Year!

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