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A carrot in a lane of stinging nettles

The Nettle and the Carrot
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Nettle Attack!
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When I go on a walk and encounter some stinging nettles I never avoid them. I've always felt that the sting must be beneficial. 

One of my favourite walks has become very overgrown and so the nettle attack has gone from mild to vicious and a curious thing has happened.  

A Miracle Cure
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When I peel a carrot I hold it in my left hand and scrape away with my right.  For a while I've been experiencing quite a bit of pain in my left thumb joint when I do this.

This pain has now almost entirely gone.

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The lessening of pain in my thumb might be coincidence except that some research I've done online does suggest that nettles can provide pain relief from osteoarthritis in the thumb joint. 

If you know anything about the benefits of nettles I'd love to hear from you.
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Click here to find out what the Arthritis Society has said about pain relief and nettles
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