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Simple SEO Tip of the Day, Usefulness

Is your website useful?  

SEO Tip of the Day by 100designs blog

Google will like it very much if it is. Useful merges into Relevant in the sense that the more your website matches and fulfils the expectations and requirements of Google's customers, the more Google will appreciate you and, theoretically, the more favoured you will be in terms of ranking

What does useful mean?  It means meeting a need. Here's a few examples of how a website can be useful

Jules Asch makes jewellery from natural objects covered in silver. Jewellery is lovely and life enhancing, but is it useful?


Here's how The Silvery jewellery is useful

The Silvery natural jewellery worn by Lucie the model by Katie Vandyck

1. People put on jewellery to feel smarter, prettier, more stylish
That's meeting a need to feel more attractive.

2. People like natural objects because part of their identity might be an affinity with the natural worldThe Silvery jewellery is a way of showing that part of themselves to the world. To let the world know who they are
That's meeting a need to express yourself.

3. The Silvery jewellery is classic, timeless, not tied to fashion or especially to age. This makes it a much safer gift idea than something more obviously youthful or obviously meant for older people
That's a need to confidently buy a present for someone who's tastes you are not absolutely certain about.

4. The Silvery offers to take precious objects and cover them in silver. I have a beautiful necklace made by Jules of a raisin from the last fruit cake my mother ever made for me. I wear it every day. It is very special. Other people have asked Jules to take momentos or keepsakes and turn them into jewellery or a beautiful object
That's a need to express the powerful human impulse to give, receive and, most importantly, to hold onto love. 

And so on...

How does your website meet a need? What specific needs does it meet?

Even more interestingly, how does it show that it meets the needs of your potential customers?

That's the subject of the next Blog on SEO. What's different about your business and how do you get that message across?  Originality

The Silvery jewellery can be found at and at 29 Cliffe High Street, Lewes at the The Silvery/Lewesian Leathers workshop.

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