nature photography

Photo Therapy - The Other Kind (or four reasons to carry a camera)

I've been a photographer for a long time but only just started taking my camera about with me. Specifically, on my morning dog walk in Lewes Railwayland nature reserve. I've been doing that walk for years but the daily recording of the turning of Winter into Spring has been the fastest route to Mindfulness I've ever known.

I now notice tiny daily changes in the woodland. I now notice.

Four reasons for taking photographs on a daily route

1. You actually experience your familiar world. 
2. You hone your photographic skills, just by doing loads more of it
3. You build up a library. Who know when it will come in useful. I use the photographs I take on the websites I make. Keeps them fresh and original and lively.
4.It's a visual diary and will stir memories when you look back at the photographs. A defence against forgetfulness.

Thank you to Richie for his endless patience and without whom .....

Richie The Greyhound by Katie Vandyck