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Shooting jewellery with daylight - inside with grease-proof paper

Still using the grease-proof paper, but this time using the sunlight through a window.

I've wedged the roll of paper in place to the right of the picture and wrapped it around the outside of jewellery to provide a translucent and flexible lightbox.   The light is streaming through the window and being diffused by the paper. By placing a silver reflector on the side opposite to the window I've created an almost shadowless lighting situation.  A glow.  

My hand is holding the paper in place on the left of the picture and I moved the paper around as I shot to adjust the lighting as I liked. You have to shoot with at least 1/80 second because you're shooting one-handed.  Or you can fix the paper in place, I wanted to work fast and be responsive to the light.

With thanks to Margherita Hale at Punzi, 27 Station Street, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 2DB. 01273 475476