Photographing Food

Hooray, Hooray the sun is back! - Healthy food shoot

It's a struggle over the winter to get the kind of natural light you need to take beautiful product shots.  But it's coming back and will only get better.  So, pack in your pack shots on the next sunny day. Good light makes all the difference in the world.

Shooting from above and moving the reflector around until the shadows within the image were minimised.

Shooting from above and moving the reflector around until the shadows within the image were minimised.

Shirah Mustardé is a Nutritional Therapist and Live Blood Analyst and what she makes is unspeakably delicious.

Natural light goes with photographing food, it really does.  As the sun moved round the garden I moved the food into different areas of bright shadow. I used the reflector to minimise the shadows within the image, keeping it all light and bright.

The colours of the food, when the shadows are taken away, do their own work.

And my goodness the food tasted wonderful.


Shirah's website about her Live Blood Analysis and Nutritional Therapy will be going live next month.

Make use of the sunlight for shooting your products indoors

It's hard to beat natural light for shooting natural products. The winter sun shone long enough on Sunday to shoot a range of vegetables and fruit for my library.

As always, window light and reflectors on both sides.  The scruffy white wall and scruffier white radiator did some nice reflecting too, as did the less scruffy white shutters.


Shooting between F4 and F5.6 and at a shutter speed of between 125 and 160 meant the backgrounds were subtly blurred and there was no need for a tripod. Which I'd left in the office.

Photographing Italian Food - Famiglia Lazzati

Famiglia Lazzati in Lewes have a covered courtyard.  Between 2.30 and 4.00 today (24th June) the sunlight was filtered evenly all over the tables through the semi transparent roof.  So no big window this time, just a perspex roof and two polystyrene tiles to gently highlight this fresh, colourful, mouthwatering Italian food

I ate some of it after the shoot.  It was wonderful

Top light.  Polystyrene tiles.  F6.3, 1/160 second

Top light.  Polystyrene tiles.  F6.3, 1/160 second

Famiglia Lazzati, Mon-Fri 12 noon - 2.30pm and 5pm-10pm, Sat & Sun 12noon -10pm
01273 479539
Famiglia, 17 Market Street, Lewes, BN7 2NB


How to photograph cakes using natural light - Laportes

Daylight is wonderful for photographing food.  Daylight is natural and food is natural.  They go together beautifully

This cake speaks for itself.  Eat me

Photographing cakes at Laportes, Lewes

The reflectors are both polystyrene insulation panels, easily portable and effective at getting objects to glow gently.  I've used an 80-200 zoom lens set at 135mm, and F10, at a tenth of a second.  The F10 part is VERY important because it renders the texture of the whole cake and that texture is what makes this cake so mouthwatering.  The depth of field given by this lens throws everything else out of focus, the cup and the mug just blurry shapes, hinting that this cake is in a cafe

It's the big three again.  Window light, tripod, reflection on the shadow side 

Laportes, 4 Lansdown Pl, Lewes, East Sussex BN7 2JT, 01273 478817.
Open daily 8.30am - 5.30pm