Beautiful Brochures by 100Designs


Our confident, fresh design makes our brochures unlike anyone else's. No formulas, no corporate cliches, designed to make an impact and where less is always more. 

With 100Designs' leaflets, brochures and marketing material, the design sets the mood and the photography tells the story...


ELEGANT AND FRESH - The Silvery, Lewes. Spring Brochure

The Silvery make jewellery from natural objects covered in silver.  We created a feeling of freshness and light using white space and a combination of location and studio shots of the jewellery. The effect is elegant, sophisticated and uncrowded.

Model  and studio photography by 100Designs.

The Silvery Autumn mini brochure

With ten new items to add to their range, The Silvery wanted a mini brochure to be sent out with their existing catalogue.

The feel is the same; natural, light, feminine and graceful, but the design is different enough to distinguish between the old and the new brochures.

All photography by 100Designs.


Antares Real Wood Floors Brochure

Our photographs of the floorboards are arranged in a slightly unusual and arresting way to bring impact to this brochure, while providing an accurate catalogue of the Antares range.

All photography by 100Designs.

Hand painted Splashbacks brochure for IpliDesign.

Product and location photography by 100Designs for this eye-catching eight-page glossy brochure.

Splashbacks PDF.jpg


Lewes Singers' Madrigals and Motets CD

A little bit of everything, location and studio photography, elegant design, atmospheric and confident. Classy.

Lewes CD Cover by 100Designs


LEAFLET design in Lewes by 100Designs

Leaflets using photographs effect immediate communication and draw attention to the product being marketed. Much less hard work than text-heavy description and so much more likely to engage