Show, don't sell - A couple of tips for website engagement

We're all used to being sold to. We've stopped believing what we're told in advertising

And no one likes being told what to think, it's annoying and we resist it. How many people have been told "you must meet my friend Annabelle, she's SO funny!". Nobody ever, ever wants to meet Annabelle.

It's the same with marketing. Let's take the example of Thompsons the Bakers in Localtown and what they might say about their bread.

"Our bread is delicious!" 
"Our baguettes are the freshest in town!"
"Our bread is light and crispy and mouthwatering!"

Being TOLD that something is good, is no good. We only really engage with marketing when we feel we are making up our own mind about it. We're inferring not accepting information, we are taking what we see and coming up with our own conclusions.

So, here are two ways to do that

Tip 1 - Photographs

This is not a lightbulb (or even flashbulb) moment. It's obvious. We believe what we see more than we believe what we read. It's the evidence of our own eyes.

Better than that, images engage the emotional part of the brain, the subliminal part of the brain which bypasses our intellectual processes. We don't always know why we respond to a photograph, we don't think about it, we just respond.

Take the photography on your website seriously. It's the most powerful weapon in your engagement armoury. Either pay for it or make use of the thousands of wonderful self-help photography videos on Youtube (these will get you started with your website photography). IT WILL PAY OFF.


Tip 2 - Testimonials

Testimonials are actual people who have actually experienced your services or products and have really liked them.

Your visitors are so much more likely to believe what your customers are saying about you, than the claims you make for yourself.

Always try to put a photograph next to a testimonial, your visitors will see that the review is genuine.

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Here's one Tracey made earlier...

Here's one Tracey made earlier... has genuinely been a rewarding experience for me to work with you and tap into your talent and expertise
— Tracey Kirker Darling Buds of Sussex