Real Glamour 26 - Karen Dobres

This is Karen Dobres

Big week for her, featured on the front cover of The Observer Magazine and 100Designs Real Glamour Blog

And that's what makes this particular blog a massive cheat. Karen is a real live model who has worked for the big names in fashion and is glorious, and very easy, to photograph

However, I wanted to photograph her because she's doing what I love to see people do, striding about looking happy in their own skins, enjoying who they are, in her case, loose, elegant, chic and, on the morning of the photograph, about to transform into a Suffragette.

I love glamour, there is something so pure about it, so finished and complete and satisfying. It's more than a pleasure to photograph, it's a huge relief

Effortless Glamour by Karen Dobres

Effortless Glamour by Karen Dobres

Karen is a proud supporter of Lewes Womens Football Club, the first club in this country to reward both male and female players with the same pay. Find out more about #equalityfc and #unlockthegate at

Real Glamour Blog Special - Singer Alison David on the downs

Alison David of the Beautiful Voice

She is a very beautiful woman with a warm, beguiling voice which she uses to make her living

She is also surpremely natural and loves nature. Drama and nature go so nicely together. Here's some gentle, elegant, elemental gorgeousness on the South Downs last Sunday.

Real Glamour 25 - Alice the kind Artist

Alice the Artists for web.jpg

Alice the Angel

Alice was working on what looked like a very interesting art installation in the courtyard of the Royal Academy. If I was working that hard, on my knees, hoisting and pulling and pushing, I'd have my jeans and T shirt on.

Alice was dressed in the most beautiful coat, her hair was perfect, her make-up too. Nineteen thirties glamour, is the nearest I could get to placing her look.

I had just been turned down by an elegantly dressed man walking down Picadilly whom I'd asked for a photograph. I was feeling abject, it's what I fear most. 

Alice was delightful, came away from her work and stood for me and was agreeable and kind and charming.

Alice, if you read this and you'd like me to put a link to anything to do with your installation at the Royal Academy, so that others can enjoy it too, please do let me know. I'd also love to see what the finished piece looked like. And if you'd like a copy of your photo, of course I'd be delighted to send you one.

And anyone wanting some serious brain food, the exhibition at the RA, America after the Fall is well worth a visit. It stays with you.

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Real Glamour 24 - Two Cool Cats and One Nice Dog

Two women in fake leopardskin

Melissa, Emma, if you'd like this photo just get in contact and I'll send it over, with thanks

Emma and Melissa    

It was not possible to pass these two without asking for a photograph

They were strolling along in the middle of the road (precinct, they're not irresponsible) with their male companions on either side.

They just looked glorious. 

I don't know whether they planned their outfits or they're just in total harmony, but I would imagine they turned heads wherever they went yesterday in Lewes.

Emma and Melissa you are the dual embodiment of fun and glamour and it absolutely made my day to meet you.

Real Glamour 23 - Three London Ladies

Three ladies in black leather in London.jpg

Now This is what I’m talking about! These three are TOTALLY ENJOYING what they’re wearing and being out together and being exactly who they want to be.

I don’t know who they are, I won’t see them again, they will probably never see this post but wherever you are girls, I CELEBRATE YOU!

As I note, I was on my way to meet my elder brother at Tate Britain and hoping to take some photos for this Real Glamour Blog. Turns out that my Darn Shyness is much worse in London than it is in Lewes. My street photographer derring do needs quite a bit of work still. 

Helpful suggestions for improved stranger engagement courage most welcome.


Real Glamour 22 - Jane Laura Razzle Dazzle

Black and white photo of woman in embroidered blouse

Jane Laura Dowthwaite

I've only ever come across Jane Laura briefly and in passing but in the same way you only need a second's contact with a thunderbolt to feel its energy, I'm usually bowled over by the speed and life of the girl.  

Jane Laura likes colour and fun and detail and the theatrical. I see that from snapshots of her home and her home decoration on Instagram.

People so often dress the way they are, In this case, quite dazzling.

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Real Glamour Special Project - Lewes Ladies Football Team

This is the Lewes Ladies Football team winning, again, last Sunday

The more I think about it the more I think Glamour is Joy and Joy is magnetic. Which is why we love to see it.

These women are so truly glamorous. They are fit, strong and fast, they are doing what they love, their concentration is absolute. They are so completely in the moment.

They are exactly where they should be, doing what they love to do.

That power and that deep enjoyment are so alluring. Allure is another word for Glamour as far as I'm concerned.

Congratulations Lewes Ladies. It was brilliant to be there.  3-0, 3-0, 3-0!!


Real Glamour 20 - Ms Rosetti

Ms Titian.jpg

Ms Rosetti

I love everything about Ms Rosetti.

Her gorgeous, gorgeous hair, the careless black and white scarf chucked around her neck, the Suzi Quatro black leather jacket and (there was no time for a full length) the stunningly bold black and white geometric print of her trousers.

Red and black, goodness how lovely does it get?

If she's not in some creative media I'll eat my hat.

It's a bloody liberty to stop someone early in the morning, on the way to the station, and on their way to work, but I think that if seeing Ms Rosetti and the way she looks gives me joy, it will give joy to others too.

What a picture, thank you for your tolerance, generous Ms Rosetti.

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Real Glamour 19 - The Historical Gent

Men's fashion historial

Mr T  

I was dashing to a job a little unregardingly when I whizzed past T and made him jump. He said he thought for a moment he had two shadows

I said sorry for scaring him and could I take his photo. Hard nosed eh?

T says the way he dresses is inspired by the 1920s and 1940s. I can also see the Edwardian Tie, The 1930s Corduroy Jacket and The Victorian Waistcoat. Isn't that what's so lovely about fashion these days? You can just do what you bloody well want to, pull anything you like from the past and make is Your Style.

T's whole thing is casually elegant and a joy to the eye. Just lovely. This really is someone enjoying what they wear.

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Real Glamour 18 - Ali Hahlo, the answer to the question "Why do Yoga?"

Ali Hahlo yoga teacher in Lewes

Ali Hahlo  

These posts are very much about self-enjoying and I think feeling fit and strong is as good as feeling glamorous.

In Ali's case the two are seriously linked. No one can be that svelte (and that dynamic) without paying attention and Ali dresses as she does everything, beautifully.

Also bumping into her is like bumping into a sunbeam.

Respect, admiration and very pleased to be your round-the-corner and over-the-bridge neighbour.




Real Glamour 17 - Kind and Beautiful Tanja


This swan-like creature was enjoying a day out in Lewes and almost certainly the last thing she wanted was some photographer trying to get a photograph. She was lovely about it.

I do enjoy seeing where the fashion people wear on the street has come from, which decade, which century even.

I couldn't place Tanja's look aside from the fact I could see her in Paris, strolling along, long-legged (I had to run a bit down the street to capture the lovely length of her) and just fitting in.

Sheer Elegance.




Real Glamour 16 - Lucinda, Lucinda, my mate Lucinda

Lucinda Fouch for the 100Designs Real Glamour blog

Lucinda Fouch

Brilliant (like her name), strong, vital, determined, brave, sensitive, fearless, staunch, one-of-a-kind, wise woman, fabulous mother, extraordinary friend, articulate, truth-seeker, resourceful, quick witted, fiesty, annoyed, shouty, funny, never-say-die, real, frightening, fun.

And stylish.

She's always a pleasure on the eye, caught here first thing in the morning outside her work, no prep, drop-dead elegant, and my dog Richie really goes well (she did give him back even so).




Real Glamour 15 - One-word Sixties Beauties. Verushka, Twiggy and Anaya

The Sixties look


I've seen Anaya around and wanted to photograph her but it's always a nervous business asking people to stop what they're doing and pose for you.

However, the snow falling and the furry hat and wintery gorgeousness of it all gave me the push I needed to approach her, and she was charming about it.

There's lots of very lovely retro fashion around and whether it's because we're nostalgic for what's perceived as Simpler Times or just free to wear what suits us, wherever it comes from, it's always a absolute joy to behold.

Striking, geometric and lush. A beautiful, playful, elegant combination. Thank you Anaya.


Real Glamour 14 - The Stylish Guru, Julie Sellars

Speicalist in Dyslexia Support Julie Sellars

Julie Sellars

Julie is a customer and friend of mine and when we met the other day I thought she looked simply superb. So I took a photograph of her for this blog.

Julie offers extraordinarily sensitive, practical and creative support for adults and children with dyslexia, and all other forms of neurodiversity.

Kindness, imagination and fun are all part of her work and so is the joy that is reached when problems get better and enormous happiness results.

You can see all of that in the kind of figure she cuts.



Real Glamour 13 - Fiona Whitfield, Zip

Lewes Fitness and Wellbeing Coach Fiona Whitfield

Fiona Whitfield runs The Life ReBoot in Lewes

Fiona Whitfield

Fiona is a shining, shining advertisement for what she does which is to give fitness, nutrition and wellbeing advice to slightly older women.

She's as fit as a flea, vibrant and joyful which is something she helps other women achieve, and she's passionate about what she does.

Glamour can sometimes be sultry, cool, touch-me-not, sophisticated or ironic. Fiona's glamour is the glamour of a one hundred percent vitality. 

Zip means different things in different cultures. For an American, zip means nothing. Here it means a powerhouse of energy and enjoyment and all the loveliness that is.


Real Glamour 12 - Briony Lambert in Gorgeous Grey

Briony Lambert - Lewes Speech Therapist and Singer

Briony hired me to take headshots for her new speech therapy website.

I wanted to feature Briony on the blog because I loved the way she makes grey a warm and lively colour, it's a colour she always wears and has made her own. 

I also loved the drama of her wrap/cape, the swing and flourish of it. Briony drapes her clothes with panache, it works.

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Real Glamour 11 - Ali in Tomato Red and Lime Green

Fashionable woman with hat and coat black and white

Ali Winstanley (a two word poem)

Ali is a photographer, artist and blogger and completely charming. She had a bad cold but very gracefully gave herself up to being photographed.

I'm grateful for that because when I saw her step out of the Lansdown Health Food shop in Lewes I had no choice but to ask her if she would let me photograph her.

Look at those colours. Such style, such elegance, effortless and vibrant. And her toes pointing towards each other. 

One of my favourite things is looking at historical fashion photographs in books and online. If I'd come across a photo of Ali in that beautiful ensemble I would I would have paused and sighed and said "Wow".

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Real Glamour 10 - Angela Grove in Hat and Scarf

Woman in black hate and spotty scarf black and white

Angela Grove in The Convent Field

Most people aren't really all that glamorous when they're walking their dog. Angela is.

The hat and scarf are so striking and beautiful and set off her utterly flawless skin. The healthy dogwalking and gardening life paying off.

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Real Glamour 9 - Nordie Bardot

The sixties look


Nordie is wearing a Butcher's Boy hat made for her by mum, the Lomax half of the extraordinary millinery duo Lomax and Skinner.

This is fun fashion, joyfully worn and if fashion is ever classic, this is it. This could be Nordie on a break from her David Bailey shoot.

Going backwards and forwards in time with fashion is a glorious thing, making connections with who we used to be, and who are now.

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Why "Real Glamour". SO many reasons.

Humans are extraordinary things and we're told and shown everywhere the many ways in which we are not.

This is particularly true of how women feel they should look. It's would be so much better if women could be told and shown, that what makes us different, our individuality, makes us interesting and valuable.

What we wears says alot about who we are and who we want to be.

Where woman, or men, are enjoying who they are by what they chose to wear, that is a cause for celebration.

Real Glamour 8 - Little Blue in Lansdown Place, Lewes

Little Blue in Lansdown Place Lewes black and white.jpg

Little Blue

Artist LIttle Blue in Lansdown Place, Lewes

Artist LIttle Blue in Lansdown Place, Lewes

I was putting out my recycling this morning (as you can see) and this vision walked past. 

Nicky Drake, or Little Blue, as she is known, enjoys what she wears, you can tell, and puts it together the way she wants to. 

It's that enjoyment that I am so drawn to, particularly when it is so effective and so joyful and so plain lovely.

Little Blue is an artist in Lewes, no surprise, find her on Facebook.