What's interesting and useful about Glamour?

I've given this alot of thought

When someone, or something, has Glamour we compelled to look.

That's is why understanding Glamour is key when trying to attract positive attention to your work.

So, how is Glamour relevant to you?

Glamour is an old Scottish word for Magic.

What thrills you about your work? The chances are, whatever that is, it will thrill others too. It will be the thing that draws attention, compels people to look at what you do.

Identify that about yourself and what you do, and you're away. That's your message.

Now find ways of showing that in the more beautiful way possible.

Let me give you an example

Jay Kendall makes mittens. Her mittens are elegant and made from spun silk and alpaca

You can see they are gorgeous and that they are well made. But the deeper messages are subliminal.

The black and white of the first shot is arty, the rose in the second shot is a natural thing. 

We infer from this that the product is high quality and is pure.

Find your message, show what it is with style. Make people want to look at what you do