Real Glamour 13 - Fiona Whitfield, Zip

Lewes Fitness and Wellbeing Coach Fiona Whitfield

Fiona Whitfield runs The Life ReBoot in Lewes

Fiona Whitfield

Fiona is a shining, shining advertisement for what she does which is to give fitness, nutrition and wellbeing advice to slightly older women.

She's as fit as a flea, vibrant and joyful which is something she helps other women achieve, and she's passionate about what she does.

Glamour can sometimes be sultry, cool, touch-me-not, sophisticated or ironic. Fiona's glamour is the glamour of a one hundred percent vitality. 

Zip means different things in different cultures. For an American, zip means nothing. Here it means a powerhouse of energy and enjoyment and all the loveliness that is.