Real Glamour 9 - Nordie Bardot

The sixties look


Nordie is wearing a Butcher's Boy hat made for her by mum, the Lomax half of the extraordinary millinery duo Lomax and Skinner.

This is fun fashion, joyfully worn and if fashion is ever classic, this is it. This could be Nordie on a break from her David Bailey shoot.

Going backwards and forwards in time with fashion is a glorious thing, making connections with who we used to be, and who are now.

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Why "Real Glamour". SO many reasons.

Humans are extraordinary things and we're told and shown everywhere the many ways in which we are not.

This is particularly true of how women feel they should look. It's would be so much better if women could be told and shown, that what makes us different, our individuality, makes us interesting and valuable.

What we wears says alot about who we are and who we want to be.

Where woman, or men, are enjoying who they are by what they chose to wear, that is a cause for celebration.