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Thrift Fashion Show at the Newhaven Festival August 2019 and The Great His ‘N’ Hers Clothes Swap 17th October 2019

You only have to sit in a cafe for half hour and watch people make their way down the street to know that glamour has little to do with clothes and everything to do with enjoyment of one’s own style

Thrift Fashion Show August 2019 Newhaven Festival 2019

The Thrift Fashion Show in August (at the Hillcrest Community Centre in Newhaven) used donations from local charity shops, crazy styling by Diana Uprichard of Dolly Clothing and graphic designer Emma Carlow and strong, the sensual choreography of Ginnie Farman. The message was delivered at the end by Mica Lamb. Keep clothes in circulation.

The Thrift Fashion Show, Newhaven Festival August 2019

The Thrift Fashion Show, Newhaven Festival August 2019

Aside from the glorious strutting, the joy of it (there was so much smiling) lay in the crazy combinations the models wore, no one had a look and everyone looked fabulous. No skinny streamlining but plenty of colour, shape, curve and real, warm bodies.

The show was put together to bring attention to, and get people talking about, fast, disposable fashion, how destructive it is to our planet and how, if we make our clothes last longer, mend them, find them in charity and second-hand shops, we delay both the moment we buy new ones (see the true cost of new clothes) and the day the old ones are tipped onto ever growing landfill mountains.

The Great His ‘N’ Hers Clothes Swap

The Dolly Clothing Great His ‘N’ Hers Clothes Swap at the Elephant and Castle Pub in Lewes was full of people finding and delighting in clothing that will now have a second life

If you’re interested in getting involved with the sustainable fashion movement and you want to know more about extending the life of the clothes you have, Dolly Clothing and sign up for a goodie bag full inspiration and information for a stylishly sustainable wardrobe. They include a list of their favourite sustainable brands, alteration hints&tips and a video tutorial.

Real Glamour 26 - Karen Dobres

This is Karen Dobres

Big week for her, featured on the front cover of The Observer Magazine and 100Designs Real Glamour Blog

And that's what makes this particular blog a massive cheat. Karen is a real live model who has worked for the big names in fashion and is glorious, and very easy, to photograph

However, I wanted to photograph her because she's doing what I love to see people do, striding about looking happy in their own skins, enjoying who they are, in her case, loose, elegant, chic and, on the morning of the photograph, about to transform into a Suffragette.

I love glamour, there is something so pure about it, so finished and complete and satisfying. It's more than a pleasure to photograph, it's a huge relief

Effortless Glamour by Karen Dobres

Effortless Glamour by Karen Dobres

Karen is a proud supporter of Lewes Womens Football Club, the first club in this country to reward both male and female players with the same pay. Find out more about #equalityfc and #unlockthegate at

Real Glamour Blog Special - Singer Alison David on the downs

Alison David of the Beautiful Voice

She is a very beautiful woman with a warm, beguiling voice which she uses to make her living

She is also surpremely natural and loves nature. Drama and nature go so nicely together. Here's some gentle, elegant, elemental gorgeousness on the South Downs last Sunday.

Real Glamour 24 - Two Cool Cats and One Nice Dog

Two women in fake leopardskin

Melissa, Emma, if you'd like this photo just get in contact and I'll send it over, with thanks

Emma and Melissa    

It was not possible to pass these two without asking for a photograph

They were strolling along in the middle of the road (precinct, they're not irresponsible) with their male companions on either side.

They just looked glorious. 

I don't know whether they planned their outfits or they're just in total harmony, but I would imagine they turned heads wherever they went yesterday in Lewes.

Emma and Melissa you are the dual embodiment of fun and glamour and it absolutely made my day to meet you.

Real Glamour Special Project - Lewes Ladies Football Team

This is the Lewes Ladies Football team winning, again, last Sunday

The more I think about it the more I think Glamour is Joy and Joy is magnetic. Which is why we love to see it.

These women are so truly glamorous. They are fit, strong and fast, they are doing what they love, their concentration is absolute. They are so completely in the moment.

They are exactly where they should be, doing what they love to do.

That power and that deep enjoyment are so alluring. Allure is another word for Glamour as far as I'm concerned.

Congratulations Lewes Ladies. It was brilliant to be there.  3-0, 3-0, 3-0!!


Real Glamour 19 - The Historical Gent

Men's fashion historial

Mr T  

I was dashing to a job a little unregardingly when I whizzed past T and made him jump. He said he thought for a moment he had two shadows

I said sorry for scaring him and could I take his photo. Hard nosed eh?

T says the way he dresses is inspired by the 1920s and 1940s. I can also see the Edwardian Tie, The 1930s Corduroy Jacket and The Victorian Waistcoat. Isn't that what's so lovely about fashion these days? You can just do what you bloody well want to, pull anything you like from the past and make is Your Style.

T's whole thing is casually elegant and a joy to the eye. Just lovely. This really is someone enjoying what they wear.

Find out what Katie does 
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