Real Glamour

Real Glamour 17 - Kind and Beautiful Tanja


This swan-like creature was enjoying a day out in Lewes and almost certainly the last thing she wanted was some photographer trying to get a photograph. She was lovely about it.

I do enjoy seeing where the fashion people wear on the street has come from, which decade, which century even.

I couldn't place Tanja's look aside from the fact I could see her in Paris, strolling along, long-legged (I had to run a bit down the street to capture the lovely length of her) and just fitting in.

Sheer Elegance.




Real Glamour 15 - One-word Sixties Beauties. Verushka, Twiggy and Anaya

The Sixties look


I've seen Anaya around and wanted to photograph her but it's always a nervous business asking people to stop what they're doing and pose for you.

However, the snow falling and the furry hat and wintery gorgeousness of it all gave me the push I needed to approach her, and she was charming about it.

There's lots of very lovely retro fashion around and whether it's because we're nostalgic for what's perceived as Simpler Times or just free to wear what suits us, wherever it comes from, it's always a absolute joy to behold.

Striking, geometric and lush. A beautiful, playful, elegant combination. Thank you Anaya.


Real Glamour 1 - Sophie Isachsen in Nümph Winter Coat

Beautiful blond older woman in winter coat black and white

Sophie Isachsen

Sophie has natural radiance, she can't help it. She also has the presence of a tall woman, but this she carries gently.

This is what she said about her coat.

"This wonderful coat by Danish label Nümph was love at first sight. It's fir green in colour, which I might have associated with my old school uniform. But in this gorgeous tactile fabric reminiscent of astrakhan Persian lamb wool, it feels cosy and luxurious to wear.

I love its slouchy fit, batwing sleeves and high collar, and feel smart but relaxed in it. Elisabeth, the proprietor of Wickle in Lewes where I bought the coat, is Norwegian, (like my other half) and has a really good eye for selecting Scandinavian designs. I can feel 'hygge' all winter now."