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Lewes Football Club Revisited


I’m documenting Lewes FC during their home games this season. Not so much the action because that’s covered by the superb James Boyes, but the experience of female athleticism, excellence in sport and comradeship

Glamour is something you want to look at. Often ascribed to fashion I would say it exists where human potential is being realised and things are as good as they can be

Humans bodies have evolved over millenia to the point of being extraordinary, enduring, capable of feats of balance and power that go beyond our need of it. The team experience, when it works, is one of the most glorious aspects of being human as self is discarded and each member of the team tunes into the other as musicians or dancers do to make something that transcends its parts.

All this exists within a football game as does the glamour that is inherently female, grace, beauty of form, liquidity of movement.

All this happens at The Dripping Pan in Lewes when Lewes are playing.

On Saturday 2nd November at 2pm Lewes FC is playing Chelsea. Come and support Lewes, it will make a difference.

Let’s get our town behind our girls

#womenandfootball #equalityfc #football #lewesfc #unlockthegate

Real Glamour 26 - Karen Dobres

This is Karen Dobres

Big week for her, featured on the front cover of The Observer Magazine and 100Designs Real Glamour Blog

And that's what makes this particular blog a massive cheat. Karen is a real live model who has worked for the big names in fashion and is glorious, and very easy, to photograph

However, I wanted to photograph her because she's doing what I love to see people do, striding about looking happy in their own skins, enjoying who they are, in her case, loose, elegant, chic and, on the morning of the photograph, about to transform into a Suffragette.

I love glamour, there is something so pure about it, so finished and complete and satisfying. It's more than a pleasure to photograph, it's a huge relief

Effortless Glamour by Karen Dobres

Effortless Glamour by Karen Dobres

Karen is a proud supporter of Lewes Womens Football Club, the first club in this country to reward both male and female players with the same pay. Find out more about #equalityfc and #unlockthegate at