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Real Glamour 24 - Two Cool Cats and One Nice Dog

Two women in fake leopardskin

Melissa, Emma, if you'd like this photo just get in contact and I'll send it over, with thanks

Emma and Melissa    

It was not possible to pass these two without asking for a photograph

They were strolling along in the middle of the road (precinct, they're not irresponsible) with their male companions on either side.

They just looked glorious. 

I don't know whether they planned their outfits or they're just in total harmony, but I would imagine they turned heads wherever they went yesterday in Lewes.

Emma and Melissa you are the dual embodiment of fun and glamour and it absolutely made my day to meet you.

Real Glamour Special Project - Lewes Ladies Football Team

This is the Lewes Ladies Football team winning, again, last Sunday

The more I think about it the more I think Glamour is Joy and Joy is magnetic. Which is why we love to see it.

These women are so truly glamorous. They are fit, strong and fast, they are doing what they love, their concentration is absolute. They are so completely in the moment.

They are exactly where they should be, doing what they love to do.

That power and that deep enjoyment are so alluring. Allure is another word for Glamour as far as I'm concerned.

Congratulations Lewes Ladies. It was brilliant to be there.  3-0, 3-0, 3-0!!


Real Glamour 20 - Ms Rosetti

Ms Titian.jpg

Ms Rosetti

I love everything about Ms Rosetti.

Her gorgeous, gorgeous hair, the careless black and white scarf chucked around her neck, the Suzi Quatro black leather jacket and (there was no time for a full length) the stunningly bold black and white geometric print of her trousers.

Red and black, goodness how lovely does it get?

If she's not in some creative media I'll eat my hat.

It's a bloody liberty to stop someone early in the morning, on the way to the station, and on their way to work, but I think that if seeing Ms Rosetti and the way she looks gives me joy, it will give joy to others too.

What a picture, thank you for your tolerance, generous Ms Rosetti.

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Real Glamour 10 - Angela Grove in Hat and Scarf

Woman in black hate and spotty scarf black and white

Angela Grove in The Convent Field

Most people aren't really all that glamorous when they're walking their dog. Angela is.

The hat and scarf are so striking and beautiful and set off her utterly flawless skin. The healthy dogwalking and gardening life paying off.

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