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Real Glamour 26 - Karen Dobres

This is Karen Dobres

Big week for her, featured on the front cover of The Observer Magazine and 100Designs Real Glamour Blog

And that's what makes this particular blog a massive cheat. Karen is a real live model who has worked for the big names in fashion and is glorious, and very easy, to photograph

However, I wanted to photograph her because she's doing what I love to see people do, striding about looking happy in their own skins, enjoying who they are, in her case, loose, elegant, chic and, on the morning of the photograph, about to transform into a Suffragette.

I love glamour, there is something so pure about it, so finished and complete and satisfying. It's more than a pleasure to photograph, it's a huge relief

Effortless Glamour by Karen Dobres

Effortless Glamour by Karen Dobres

Karen is a proud supporter of Lewes Womens Football Club, the first club in this country to reward both male and female players with the same pay. Find out more about #equalityfc and #unlockthegate at

Real Glamour Blog Special - Singer Alison David on the downs

Alison David of the Beautiful Voice

She is a very beautiful woman with a warm, beguiling voice which she uses to make her living

She is also surpremely natural and loves nature. Drama and nature go so nicely together. Here's some gentle, elegant, elemental gorgeousness on the South Downs last Sunday.

Real Glamour 18 - Ali Hahlo, the answer to the question "Why do Yoga?"

Ali Hahlo yoga teacher in Lewes

Ali Hahlo  

These posts are very much about self-enjoying and I think feeling fit and strong is as good as feeling glamorous.

In Ali's case the two are seriously linked. No one can be that svelte (and that dynamic) without paying attention and Ali dresses as she does everything, beautifully.

Also bumping into her is like bumping into a sunbeam.

Respect, admiration and very pleased to be your round-the-corner and over-the-bridge neighbour.




Real Glamour 15 - One-word Sixties Beauties. Verushka, Twiggy and Anaya

The Sixties look


I've seen Anaya around and wanted to photograph her but it's always a nervous business asking people to stop what they're doing and pose for you.

However, the snow falling and the furry hat and wintery gorgeousness of it all gave me the push I needed to approach her, and she was charming about it.

There's lots of very lovely retro fashion around and whether it's because we're nostalgic for what's perceived as Simpler Times or just free to wear what suits us, wherever it comes from, it's always a absolute joy to behold.

Striking, geometric and lush. A beautiful, playful, elegant combination. Thank you Anaya.


Real Glamour 14 - The Stylish Guru, Julie Sellars

Speicalist in Dyslexia Support Julie Sellars

Julie Sellars

Julie is a customer and friend of mine and when we met the other day I thought she looked simply superb. So I took a photograph of her for this blog.

Julie offers extraordinarily sensitive, practical and creative support for adults and children with dyslexia, and all other forms of neurodiversity.

Kindness, imagination and fun are all part of her work and so is the joy that is reached when problems get better and enormous happiness results.

You can see all of that in the kind of figure she cuts.



Real Glamour 13 - Fiona Whitfield, Zip

Lewes Fitness and Wellbeing Coach Fiona Whitfield

Fiona Whitfield runs The Life ReBoot in Lewes

Fiona Whitfield

Fiona is a shining, shining advertisement for what she does which is to give fitness, nutrition and wellbeing advice to slightly older women.

She's as fit as a flea, vibrant and joyful which is something she helps other women achieve, and she's passionate about what she does.

Glamour can sometimes be sultry, cool, touch-me-not, sophisticated or ironic. Fiona's glamour is the glamour of a one hundred percent vitality. 

Zip means different things in different cultures. For an American, zip means nothing. Here it means a powerhouse of energy and enjoyment and all the loveliness that is.