Street fashion

Real Glamour 20 - Ms Rosetti

Ms Titian.jpg

Ms Rosetti

I love everything about Ms Rosetti.

Her gorgeous, gorgeous hair, the careless black and white scarf chucked around her neck, the Suzi Quatro black leather jacket and (there was no time for a full length) the stunningly bold black and white geometric print of her trousers.

Red and black, goodness how lovely does it get?

If she's not in some creative media I'll eat my hat.

It's a bloody liberty to stop someone early in the morning, on the way to the station, and on their way to work, but I think that if seeing Ms Rosetti and the way she looks gives me joy, it will give joy to others too.

What a picture, thank you for your tolerance, generous Ms Rosetti.

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Real Glamour 17 - Kind and Beautiful Tanja


This swan-like creature was enjoying a day out in Lewes and almost certainly the last thing she wanted was some photographer trying to get a photograph. She was lovely about it.

I do enjoy seeing where the fashion people wear on the street has come from, which decade, which century even.

I couldn't place Tanja's look aside from the fact I could see her in Paris, strolling along, long-legged (I had to run a bit down the street to capture the lovely length of her) and just fitting in.

Sheer Elegance.




Real Glamour 8 - Little Blue in Lansdown Place, Lewes

Little Blue in Lansdown Place Lewes black and white.jpg

Little Blue

Artist LIttle Blue in Lansdown Place, Lewes

Artist LIttle Blue in Lansdown Place, Lewes

I was putting out my recycling this morning (as you can see) and this vision walked past. 

Nicky Drake, or Little Blue, as she is known, enjoys what she wears, you can tell, and puts it together the way she wants to. 

It's that enjoyment that I am so drawn to, particularly when it is so effective and so joyful and so plain lovely.

Little Blue is an artist in Lewes, no surprise, find her on Facebook.