Real Glamour 7 - Rachel's Gold

Woman with hair in twirl behind her head

Lovely Rachel in Lewes Railway Land

Rachel is the first stranger I've asked to allow me to photograph them, and she was so generous about it.

I think this blog is a search for Femininity as well as Glamour, and wonder if they may end up being the same thing. Femininity not as a soft, fragile thing, femininity as what it is to be a woman.

I love Rachel's twist of hair, and its many colours. it makes me think of beauty through the ages and casual elegance and ballerinas.


Real Glamour 6 - Gabby Reid in Red and Blue - Audrey Eat Your Heart Out

Gabby Ried in red and blue

Gabby Reid

Gabby lives on my street and had just popped out of her house when I spotted her. That wonderful blue and red jumper, the heart-shaped face topped by a smooth coppery cap. A gorgeous splash on another misty December morning.

Thank you for cheering up the place, Gabby Reid.


Real Glamour 4 - Artist Dawn Stacey, 1920

Lewes Artist Dawn Stacey

Lewes artist Dawn Stacey

Dawn Stacey on her way to get a train/replacement bus

An artist, especially a very fine one, especially Dawn, knows about colour.

Colour flows around and about her, the darkest of the greys in her coat appear in her scarf, the deep raspberry in her cardigan happens again in the little decorations on her hat and in the 1920s lipsticked lips.

A bit of Clara Bow. Dawn Stacey. A picture.


Real Glamour 3 - Penny Badowska Glowing

Penny Badowska

Penny has been my dear friend since we were sixteen and I have never known her not look beautiful or not be beautifully dressed.

I thought I'd be making a blog about Penny's burnt orange leather gloves which she loves so much she hasn't lost them yet. But in the end I thought this photo of Penny is so truly glamorous I had to use it. It's the beauty of a woman who is, at that moment, entirely herself.


Real Glamour 2 - Tanya Smart Spinning in a Country Lane

Woman Spinning in a Country lane

Tanya Smart

Whenever I see Tanya in the distance I see someone enjoying being herself, deep in thought, as she walks, often with wide skirts swinging around her calves. Her clothes are feminine and strong. As she is.

When I asked if I could photograph her I also asked if she could choose what she wore. Tanya chose warm clothes that made her feel cosy and, I think, like a cherished and joyful child. 

I love her arms spread wide. That's Tanya.


Real Glamour 1 - Sophie Isachsen in Nümph Winter Coat

Beautiful blond older woman in winter coat black and white

Sophie Isachsen

Sophie has natural radiance, she can't help it. She also has the presence of a tall woman, but this she carries gently.

This is what she said about her coat.

"This wonderful coat by Danish label Nümph was love at first sight. It's fir green in colour, which I might have associated with my old school uniform. But in this gorgeous tactile fabric reminiscent of astrakhan Persian lamb wool, it feels cosy and luxurious to wear.

I love its slouchy fit, batwing sleeves and high collar, and feel smart but relaxed in it. Elisabeth, the proprietor of Wickle in Lewes where I bought the coat, is Norwegian, (like my other half) and has a really good eye for selecting Scandinavian designs. I can feel 'hygge' all winter now."