The best kind of SEO is the passionate kind

There's a reason for that. Here are two Oxford English Dictionary definitions of Passion

"A thing arousing great enthusiasm" and "An Intense desire or enthusiasm for something"


Your enthusiasm for your business will generate enthusiasm in those you want to engage with.

If your appetite for what you do derives from a commitment to, and love of, what you hope to offer to your customers, they will feel this.

They will believe in the integrity of what you do.

Enthusiasm and SEO

How does this connect up? It connects up with the depth of the evidence you present on your website, that what you are passionate about is of benefit, valuable, helpful. 

SEO and Evidence

A simple list will do here. Evidence of your enthusiasm, how you good you are, can be achieved by including the following on your website

  • Helpful blogs

  • FAQs aimed at giving the information your potential visitors are most likely to be looking for

  • Testimonials

  • Changing content to constantly provide a genuinely useful resource for your customers

  • Beautiful images, showing what you do, at its best

  • A knowledge, and presentation of, the problems your customer wants you to help solve and ways you can solve them

  • Caring for your customer's comfort; easy navigation, description of images for those who can't see them, clear, purposeful explanations of what you do and how you do it

This is the best kind of SEO


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