Textile artists’ websites need to be a frame for their work. Uncomplicated, easy to get around, letting the photographs do the explaining

Art Textiles need a particular kind of lighting. The kind that exactly renders the diversity of textures within the work, sensitive to the materials, but neither under, nor over emphasising them

Get in contact if you would like me to photograph your work in my studio, come to you to photograph your work or let me know if you are in need of a website to showcase your work

If you’d like some useful tips on how to photography your art textiles, quilts or tapestries yourself, click her for my blog

Katie has been doing a brilliant photography job for me for the last 2 years - it’s taken an age to find someone who understands that art textiles need a different approach to other mediums. Thank you!
— Claire Been, Artist
Thank you so much, I’m so glad I asked Claire who was taking the photos of her quilts. Even the peach one looks fab!
Again, many thanks for a fabulous set of photos.
— Amelia Leigh, Texile Artist
Thank you so much, they look brilliant.
— Susie Koren, Textile Artist