Get an Introvert to make your website - here's why

Introvert web designer

For the moment let's leave aside the fact that coders and techies are often introverts. I'm not talking about the technical aspects of building a website, I'm talking about the business of defining and expressing what your website says about you in particular

Let's concentrate on the qualities in introverts that will make sure your website is entirely original, not an exercise in formula or a strapped-on identity, but specifically about who you are and what's different about you.

It's pretty much accepted nowadays that introverts display some if not all of the following traits.

1. They are particularly good listeners

Graphic of an ear

If you listen to someone well you will learn about all aspects of them. If someone wants to make a website that sells shoes, for example, the shoes themselves will be only part of the story. Good listening will pick up on that valuable, extra, information.

An introvert will listen with attention because they love new information.


2. Happiest when chasing after meaning

Introverts are bloodhounds when it comes to tracking down WHY and HOW? It's their idea of fun. They won't let you stop explaining yourself till they understand as much about you as they need to. Which will be a great deal.



Graphic of a stage with a big red line through it

3. Reluctant to put themselves centre-stage

Introverts don't want to stand out.  A typical introvert responds to public thanks by crediting someone else for their success. Please don't look at me. Your website will be about you and not about them. 

5. They derive huge enjoyment from analysing and gathering information

Graphic Thinking is Fun!

An introvert's idea of fun is to think about things very deeply and make connections. Theirs is a world of absorbed reflection.

Having an introvert design your website makes use of their thoughtfulness and sensitivity and their dislike of shades and shadows of meaning.

Their enjoyment of forming a thorough understanding of the world leads to exactitude when it comes to expressing that message.

So they will chose every element of your website carefully, realising that all aspects of it make up your message whether it is the fonts, the images, the choice of words or colours. Every single part has to be right and true and that's important to them.

Graphic Saying Keep it REAL Man!

4. Hate small talk, only enjoy conversation that has significance

An introvert can't afford small talk, it drains them. A social conversation with an introvert may well verge on the intense but when it comes to discussing what you want for your business, this single minded concentration and avid curiosity makes for a thorough understanding of what you're all about and what you're after.

6. Slow but thorough processing of information

Man with lots of different thoughts in his head

Introverts are highly sensitive to their world and process absolutely everything around them. This makes them naturally good at picking up a range of signals and the subtlest of information which then allows them to create a rich picture of who you are and want you need.


It is of course true that many people have these qualities of thoughtfulness, skill at analysis and depth of reflection but with an Introvert this range of very useful characteristics is nearly always comes as part of the package.

If you need an Introvert's approach to website making, feel free to contact me.

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